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Treatment of Drilling Fluids and Mud

Treatment of Drilling Fluids & Mud

We own mobile and fixed units which we can integrate into the processing flow, based on individual location and beneficiary’s requirements. As soon as our equipment is installed, we adjust and create specific treatment recipes, depending on the type of contaminants and in observance of the applicable legal provisions.

The water from the treatment process will be analysed in the laboratory. This lab report will be used to determine the optimum removal methods, based on the existing site conditions, valid laws of the respective country and taking into account the cost optimization as follows but not limited to:

Vaporization, injection into the well, discharge into available sewers or into special emissary etc.

The remaining solid fraction inside of the sludge pit after fluid extraction and treatment, depending on the contaminant found by lab analyses, will be disposed in accordance with the local applicable law and latest available techniques as follows but not limited to: Screening, washing, solidification, stabilisation, thermal desorption, disposal etc.
At the end of the drilling fluids and sludge treatment preparation process, at the beneficiary’s location, the site could be returned to the natural cycle.

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