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Specialized Consultancy

We are specialists in waste management and we offer management solutions, risk identification, effective strategies for environmental protection and cost optimization for each type of project.

Green Environment provides consultancy and logistics for each step starting with the investigation of the problem until the implementation of the action strategy. With our own equipment and qualified personnel, we can perform analyses and identify problems in real time, giving consultancy while strictly observing European environmental laws.


With an assortment of over 200 types of anionic or cationic polymers with specific range of action, different molecular weight, we can quickly identify the most suitable type for each project, this feature allowing us to obtain the best results.

Green Environment provides consultancy and logistics for each stage of project starting from the investigation of the issue to the implementation of the action strategy until projects end. Having our own equipment and qualified personnel, can execute, analyze and identify the issues in real time and in strict observance of the international environmental legislation.

In order to identify the optimum solutions for each project, Green Environment experts conduct preliminary processing tests on representative samples in our own laboratory, to provide the best treatment solution.

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