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Oil Sludge Treatment

Methods used: centrifugation, bio-remediation, washing, solidification, thermal desorption, stabilization, etc.

We are prepared for fast and efficient interventions in any location, using full mobile equipments, on compliant or non-compliant sludge pits, sustaining the entire chain of operations. We are specialized in complex technological processes required to treat oil sludge from lagoons, separators, API decanters, etc.

These processes are conducted using mobile equipment integrated in a full technological flow, using additive recipes prepared by our experts in our own laboratories, which is necessary for a high quality separation of  the three phases.


We are aware that quality service cannot exist without a high-end technology, so we rely on the most recent and effective equipment, such as three-phase centrifuges, vertical separators, ionizers, chemicals, and trained operators.
The advantage of mobile equipment’s consists in the to provide services at the beneficiary’s location, reducing the costs and associated risks of the waste transportation from generation to the processing area.

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